The overall goal of The Wong Family is to not only preserve our country’s national treasure, but to also promote and educate the future generations and the world on the importance of Chinese cultural heritage in the peace and ultimate development of a united nation.  

Our family's vast collection of Chinese works of art can benefit both individuals and businesses in a number of ways:



  • By collaborating with major educational institutions, art galleries, or governmental associations from across the world, the Wong’s Family collection can be accessed by scholars, students or the general public where historians or educators can prepare academic and research courses, tours, fellowships, or internships on the topics of Chinese history, cultural heritage, ancient art form, or design.

  • By partnering with local and international museums and educational institutions, this can facilitate cultural exchange activities involving the works of art collections between HK, China, and across the world. Museum staffs across the world can work together to build a joint centre of excellence, share best practices, and take part in joint training programs with the latest methods and technologies available

  • Our mission of helping everyone understand and appreciate the full spectrum and complexity of humanity's artistic creativity where people from different backgrounds can experience the true in-depth value of the object to the fullest extent by not only through the perception with their eyes, but also through the touch with their body.

  • With an inclusive approach, students of all kinds with no restrictions to age, ethnicity, or disability can learn about the history, the meaning behind the work of art, the art of restoring antiques, and physically feel the works of art for those who cannot see. This will leave a mark on those who take part in this form of unique learning.



  • Businesses and organizations can take advantage of the vast collection to support their businesses. For instance, large stone sculptures can be placed outside of clubhouses, bars and restaurants, or even amusement parks to create a ‘Buddha-themed’ landmark and tourist attraction.

  • The benefits to society will definitely be recognized and be taken advantage in any businesses’ CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program. It is a sure win for any business out there looking to contribute to society through the support of education and appreciation of Chinese cultural heritage movement, and at the same time, boosting their brands along the way.



  • The Government can use our vast collection to organize local and international exhibitions, performance art, or any special events  to attract and inform the wide public from young scholars to children while acting as a vital and energetic cultural gathering place for the local and international community.

  • With an inclusive approach, anyone can have the opportunity to truly learn to understand and appreciate Chinese ancient works of art by themselves, or even bring along their friends and families together to engage in non-GHG emitting leisure activities like picnic, photography, or exercising.  This will ultimately contribute to positive changes to the local community through the promotion of peace, unity, and nationalism amongst its people.



  • Energy from the Buddhas, can create different auras. These energies can provide both physical and mental benefits, that ultimately can stimulate strong and often new feelings, perceptions, ideas, and perspectives within visitors or owners eventually leading to more positive outcomes. 

  • Each item in our collection is unique in their own way. They have their own story, background, and meaning behind them. Passionate collectors can elevate the ‘value’ and ‘uniqueness’ of their entire collection by incorporating our unique items.

  • Each work of art has their own purpose and create their own effects.  Buddhas or Guan Yins with a serene and benevolent expression emits a  ‘calming’ energy, on the other hand, Lions, Dragons, or Guardians with strong fierce expressions emits a ‘stunning’ energy and can ultimately boost up the whole presence of an area. For instance, pair of Lokapalas or Earth Spirits were placed in front of tomb entrances to guard the owner from evil spirits in the afterlife.

  • Depending on the preference and needs of the individual, one can put a pair of lions or generals in front of their entrance to project dominance and sense of security. Yet, for those who want to relax in their garden or living room, they can place different Buddhas and Guan Yin to project a calming effect that can provide mental relaxation or stimulation of new ideas and perceptions

  • For Feng shui practitioner or believers, they can purchase different works of art and rearrange their location to achieve their desired outcomes.