The Past and The Present

The Wong’s Family holds one of the largest collections of Chinese stone sculptures in the world. The great grandfather of the current successor, is a big landlord and merchant in Jiangsu China with a thing for antiques (particularly in Chinese horses).

Mr. Wong, son of the original collector has followed his family’s journey of collecting and was more of a serious collector than his father, he expanded the collection by ‘hundred times’ by purchasing stone statues of all kinds (from horses to Buddhas) that not many people were interested in collecting in the 1930s and works of art from all corners of the world.

By the end of the 1930s, Mr. Wong’s collection reached a point so large that he wanted to create a Wutaishan in Hong Kong. He was inspired by the practices and historical significance behind the landmark having previously studied the temples of Wutaishan in Shanxi Province (one of the highest concentration of Buddhist temples in China).

After years of collecting, Mr. Wong’s vast collection of Chinese and European works of art (varying in age, type, and size) now sits in a ‘live’ museum located at the hills in the New Territories, far away from the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the city of Hong Kong.

Mr. Wong’s mission has always wanted to not only protect and preserve our national treasure, but to educate the future generations across the world to understand and appreciate Chinese Art and other antiquated art forms, and the importance of culture and heritage for a nation’s unity and continuous development. Mr. Wong’s vast collection not only last for the sake of wealth, but it is a memory of history and the extension of culture.

When visitors enter this antique kingdom, they can empty their minds, feel, and take back the strong presence of energy coming from the each and every works of art that has absorbed and accumulated centuries of energy from the past. Similar to what Wong senior used to do, often ‘calming his mind, relieving his tension, and recharging his batteries’.

Visitors and academics not only can study the profound history and meaning behind each work of art, they can also benefit from The Art of Serenity by being both physically & mentally in touch with the works of art at such a peaceful and natural environment.